A single platform for a range of services.

Modular products made to measure, activatable according to the clients’ and their users’ needs.

Through innovative digital tools, we customize on a case by case basis various forms of B2C access, use and sales, as well as integrating B2B platforms. We optimize the management of services with an already developed ecosystem of digital apps and platforms and their ensuing evolutions, studied to suit the needs of our clients and their users.

From booking to online, onsite and via app purchase, from the distribution of audio guides to the visit itself, from the provision of the digital catalogue to the reservation of the printed catalogue in the bookshop, everything is reachable via the web and smartphones.


Flexible, Electronic, Sustainable

We offer innovative and tailor-made on-site and online ticketing systems, designed to adapt to the needs of museums and institutions and enhance the user experience. Reliable and flexible, our services are designed to improve efficiency and the organisation of work, introducing alternative ways of purchasing and access that, for the first time, foresee the abolition of physical tills and cash purchases. We offer an integrated ticketing system that allows tickets to be issued in three different ways: through the dedicated website, the App Museo (available both for iOS and Android and which is fully customisable) and through the exclusive Fast-in system, developed for the Nexi SmartPOS® terminal, which allows tickets to be purchased in situ with just a swipe of credit card, in complete safety, cutting down waiting times and thus queues at the entrance.

With no need for a till, cash or physical tickets, our online and on-site ticketing systems are structured in modules that may be activated as needed. In addition, we have clear interfaces and functionalities for easy ticket management, data control and the promotion of museum activities.


Easy, Responsive, Packed full of contents

We design and develop applications that go well beyond ticketing, allowing visitors to explore and examine museums in new, engaging and immersive ways, and providing museums with the opportunity to design displays that reduce physical barriers and simplify the use of captions and info panels.

Devised to satisfy various customer needs thanks to a wide range of customisation options, our App Museo is equipped with advanced features that allow users to access exclusive services, such as the purchase of admission tickets, gadgets and merchandising, while also taking advantage of special contents such as integrated audio guides, podcasts and interactive maps. Thanks to its many functions, useful both when visitors are preparing their visit and even afterwards, offering more in-depth elements, the App Museo constitutes the main tool for accessing all the information about the museum, for finding your way around the exhibition as well as for keeping visitors up do date with the very latest news and initiatives.


Original, Artisanal*, Ecological*

Our offer is completed by the design and supply of certified merchandise, chosen and manufactured by favoring territorial proximity – with the idea that they are a vehicle of the values linked to respect for the environment and the culture of Made in Italy know-how – and the sustainability of materials and processes – guaranteed by choosing as many partnerships as possible with companies certified in the use of renewable energies and in compliance with fair trade.

* We are constantly working to achieve complete sustainability of all our products.


Innovative, Accessible, Custom-Made

Our activity is not limited to the technology side (the creation of websites, e-commerce systems, bookshops, audio guides and gaming), but it also extends to the creation of digital catalogues and projects for the all-round enhancement of historical-artistic heritage. Through a widespread network of professionals able to follow everything, from art direction to design, from content production to strategic development, we address the most important aspects of interpreting and anticipating customer needs.


Simple, Quick, Integrated

Our platform is designed to develop modular e-commerce systems, constantly updated in keeping with the needs of an ever-evolving world. In line with the principles of Orbital Cultura, each system module is adjustable so as to best meet the needs and requirements of each client and their business.


The fundraising project for culture

We put at the service of cultural institutions a new free tool, the Fundraising. An online platform for fund collections that puts the institution in direct contact with its benefactors. Through our fundraising platform, the donor, without intermediaries or fees, can support cultural institutions with a simple click. With Orbital Cultura, donating and taking advantage of the Art Bonus, the fiscal instrument made available by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, is simple and straightforward.

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