A single platform for a range of services.

Modular products made to measure, activatable according to the clients’ and their users’ needs.

Through innovative digital tools, we customize on a case by case basis various forms of B2C access, use and sales, as well as integrating B2B platforms. We optimize the management of services with an already developed ecosystem of digital apps and platforms and their ensuing evolutions, studied to suit the needs of our clients and their users.

From booking to online, onsite and via app purchase, from the distribution of audio guides to the visit itself, from the provision of the digital catalogue to the reservation of the printed catalogue in the bookshop, everything is reachable via the web and smartphones.


Virtual, Efficient, Sustainable

Starting from virtual ticketing, with our Fast-in service we aim to streamline and facilitate the activities of museums and institutions and make them sustainable, improving the efficiency and organization of work and services, along with the user experience. The innovative quality of Orbital Cultura is based on modern advanced tools, such as the Nexi SmartPOSĀ®, the latest-generation online and cashless payment method.

As experts in data-analysis processing (for CRM), we provide our clients with advanced reporting tools. We use the information acquired for effective communication and the development of integrated, personalized and e-ticketing related services.


Easy, Quick, Rich in content

We design and develop applications on IOS and Android. We devise and create applications with advanced features as for our App Museo: from ticket purchasing to gadgets, and from integrated audio guides to interactive maps.

We provide applications for smartphones and tablets that allow users to explore and investigate spaces in new, engaging and immersive ways, becoming the main means by which to access all the information related to the museum and for visitors to orient themselves along both the permanent and temporary exhibition itineraries. Thus we take up the opportunity to design exhibition formats that cut down the need for captions and information panels to the bare minimum: these contents are accessed by visitors via their smartphones, which either replace physical media altogether or integrate with them as needs be.

There is a wide range of customization options, including some of the following features:

  • free access to the application;
  • user profiling and registration with access to exclusive contents;
  • chance to purchase museum admission tickets;
  • viewing of information material about the museum;
  • virtual tour of temporary exhibitions;
  • consultation of the catalogue of works and relative information sheets;
  • chance to purchase the catalogue, guides and museum gadgets;
  • chance to access audio/video guides (both general and thematic);
  • viewing of additional contents when near a given work through QRCode or georeferencing;
  • chance to access contents both pre and post-visit;
  • chance to create gaming areas for kids;
  • consultation of contents in different languages.


Original, Artisanal, Ecological

The design and supply of certified merchandizing completes our range of services and products, comprising both traditional and new generation objects with contemporary features. Made to measure or chosen from items already in production, the items are the result of research that favours territorial proximity and the sustainability of materials and processes, from item to packaging. We believe merchandizing serves as a vehicle for values linked to respect for the environment and the culture of Italian know-how.


Innovative, Accessible, Custom-Made

Our activity is not limited to the technology side (the creation of websites, e-commerce systems, bookshops, audio guides and gaming), but it also extends to the creation of digital catalogues and projects for the all-round enhancement of historical-artistic heritage. Through a widespread network of professionals able to follow everything, from art direction to design, from content production to strategic development, we address the most important aspects of interpreting and anticipating customer needs.


Simple, Quick, Integrated

Our platform is designed to develop modular e-commerce systems, constantly updated in keeping with the needs of an ever-evolving world. In line with the principles of Orbital Cultura, each system module is adjustable so as to best meet the needs and requirements of each client and their business.

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