Who we are

Based in Florence and firmly rooted in the digitalization of museum services, Orbital Cultura is the evolution of Bassmart, a company at the forefront of the sector for over thirty years.

Our job is to provide innovative answers in the convergence of traditional and multi-channel strategies for museums that are always open and constantly communicating. We guide, accompany and facilitate visitors’ choices and actions before, during and after their visit.

We work alongside our clients to face the new challenges of the internet and mobile networks, not only to guide them through various design choices, but to share and invest with them in new opportunities for experimentation and growth.

What we do

Custom-made projects with the support of the best suited technological partners.

Through innovative digital tools, we customize on a case by case basis various forms of B2C access, use and sales, as well as integrating B2B platforms. We optimize the management of services with an already developed ecosystem of digital apps and platforms and their ensuing evolutions, studied to suit the needs of our clients and their users.

Our activity is not limited to the technology side (the creation of websites, e-commerce systems, bookshops, audio guides and gaming), but it also extends to the creation of digital catalogues and projects for the all-round enhancement of historical-artistic heritage.

The design and supply of certified merchandizing completes our range of services and products, comprising both traditional and new generation objects with contemporary features. Made to measure or chosen from items already in production, the items are the result of research that favours territorial proximity and the sustainability of materials and processes, from item to packaging. We believe mechandizing serves as a vehicle for values linked to respect for the environment and the culture of Italian know-how.

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